The Children's Friend Foundation
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Addiction & Recovery Education

Addiction & Recovery Education

Addiction & Recovery Education

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The Children's Friend Foundation

Creating Awareness About Addiction & Addiction Recovery

The Children's Friend Foundation is an organization dedicated to helping children, their families, care providers and everyone impacted by addiction. We focus on platforms to increase understanding, assist recovery and support sobriety.

One of our purposes is to bring awareness and understanding about the disease of addiction through the creation of powerful media.


Your contribution can do so much to help those suffering from addiction by helping The Children’s Friend Foundation further our efforts in fighting debilitating addictions.  Our supporters may make a one-time contribution or recurring monthly donations. Every donation helps.


As part of the longest-running Utah high school film festival, the Children’s Friend Foundation sponsors the Addiction Prevention Public Service Announcement scholarship contest.  Student filmmakers are encouraged to create short films to aid their peers in recognizing and overcoming the challenges of addiction.


  • Create Awareness
  • Educate
  • Encourage Student Engagement
  • Community Support & Outreach
  • Support Local & National Addiction Recovery Events
  • Foster Addiction Prevention
  • Support Sobriety

What Does The Children's Friend Foundation Do?


With the help of our generous donor, the Foundation funds affordable, optimistic, evidence-based media specifically designed to change the lives and restore hope to those affected by the heartbreak of addiction.

Student Engagement

Effective attention to prevention will save generations.  We provide opportunities for students to think about addiction prevention and to disseminate their thoughts to an audience of their peers through impactful media.

Community Support & Outreach

We support community organizations that are on the frontline of battling addiction.

Registered 501(c) 3

We are a 501(c) 3 charitable organization that allows tax benefits for contributions.