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Together, We'll Bring Hope & Healing to Those Suffering From Addiction

What Sets The Children’s Friend Foundation Apart From Other Charitable Foundations

Our bedrock belief is that hope, understanding, and love are far more effective in treatment, recovery, and prevention.

While dangerous addictions may never be stopped universally, they can be treated, and each individual victory is proof that, as Dr. Kevin McCauley says, “Recovery is neither rare nor random.” It is the goal of The Children’s Friend Foundation to fight addiction and spread hope and healing one person, one family and one organization at a time.

By increasing awareness and understanding of what addiction is, encouraging and assisting recovery from addiction, and supporting sobriety we hope to weaken addiction’s hold.

A Productive Response To A Tragic Loss

The Children’s Friend Foundation began as a productive response to the tragic loss of a loved one due to addiction. Confronting the mystery of addiction is, for many family members and friends, confusing and overwhelming. Out of a desire to help other parents access evidence-based knowledge that would answer the gut-wrenching questions, The Children’s Friend Foundation was formed. Over the years since its founding almost everyone involved with the Foundation has been touched by addiction.  Sadly, all too often the victims of addiction are children. If you have been impacted by addiction, we invite you to join us in fighting back with science, optimism, purpose and love.