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Utah High School Film Festival

Together, We'll Bring Hope & Healing to Those Suffering From Addiction
The Children's Friend Foundation has partnered with the Utah High School Film Festival for four years, offering scholarships for award-winning high school filmmakers that create optimistic media focused on addiction prevention and recovery.  This is what one of our participating video teachers, Stacie Gomm, from Green Canyon High School in Logan, Utah, has said about her students' participation:
"Thank you so much for your continual support of the Utah High School Film Festival and helping motivate video students to make meaningful PSAs -- PSAs that should really make a difference in someone's life! . . . I still want my students to be involved because I love what CFF does and what it stands for.  I want my video students to be involved in something meaningful and bigger than themselves and the CFF portion of the contest provides that avenue."
Our interest in this project is to promote addiction prevention and recovery. Student filmmakers who take up this challenge will have the opportunity to think about addiction prevention and recovery and to creatively express their ideas to their peers. We can think of no more powerful way to propagate peer-to-peer prevention and recovery support and invite your thoughtful consideration to starting an addiction prevention and recovery PSA contest in connection with your own state's film festival.

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